Sebadoh Truly Great Thing
Truly Great Thing


make it easy and I’ll hold it against you
I’m on a string dangled right in front of you
make it hard and I’ll run away
keep tomorrow as I killed today
trying to figure just what I deserve
slashing lines all across the earth
patience only makes the dream come true
everything I see I hold to you
tell me, this is it
the truly great thing
the love you’ve hoped to find
any doubt will simply wipe itself out
as we’re rising deeper the first and last time


I guess that it’s typical, to cling to memories you’ll never get back again,
And to sort through old photographs of a summer long ago.
Or a friend you used to know.
And there below his frozen face,
Where you wrote the name and that ancient date,

And you can’t believe he’s really gone. and all that’s left is a fucking song.

Happy Birthday to Me- Bright Eyes