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20 Jul


Best 5 Nicktoons from the 90s

As promised I am making daily 90s Nick posts to celebrate the classic shows return in the new block ’90s Are All That’ beginning July 25th. 

1.) Rugrats - This was a no brainer. EVERY 90s child watched Rugrats religiously. This nicktoon was brilliant and there will never be a cartoon to ever match the success Rugrats gained while on for over a decade! 

2.) Doug - The characters and funny situations made this nicktoon great. We can all relate to being the new kid in town and trying to fit in PLUS who wasn’t Quail-man for Halloween 

3.) Hey Arnold - A kid with a football head, crazy grandparents, lives in a boarding house in the city…enough said

4.) Rocket Power - I learned the coolest handshake because of this show therefore I had to put it on my list. 

5.) Aahh!! Real Monsters - The misadventures of the three main monsters: Oblina, Krumm, and Ickis were hilarious and entertaining. 

Honorable Mentions:

Invader Zim - This show was HILARIOUS! Just Zim’s voice alone made me laugh plus Gir was so adorable. 

As Told By Ginger - This show came around right when I started middle school which was perfect because it revolved around Ginger who was finding her fit in junior high. This show for a cartoon was raw and dealt with some adolescent issues. 

Angry Beavers - Two beavers, talking animals, and crazy shenanigans made this show a great Nicktoon. 

23 May Reblogging for Betsy. Can we watch this soon?

Reblogging for Betsy. Can we watch this soon?