Fear No ART Chicago, the production company I’m currently interning with, launches the first installment of it’s new show, The Dinner Party tomorrow night at 7:30 pm CST at Mayne Stage Theatre off of Morse in Chicago. 

Tomorrow night’s show features artist Tony Fitzpatrick, musician Jon Langford, and award-winning director Rachel Rockwell, and celebrity chef Homara Cantu of Moto.

While you should totally buy tickets to get the full, super awesome experience (including an entire meal and drinks especially prepared by the celebrity chef), you can also stream the show live at the link provided.
You can also tweet to FearNoARTChgo to ask the artists your own questions and to win prizes, which include tickets to Chicago Shakes, dinner reservations, signed books, and artwork. 

Shows will continue to be the last Monday night of every month at Mayne Stage theatre. So if you can’t come tomorrow, you should check out the artists for the upcoming months.